Yoshi’s Story Acoustic Guitar Medley

MP3: www.mediafire.com Collection of all my N64 Medleys: www.mediafire.com I can imagine anyone who played this game is going to hate me for getting these insanely happy and catchy songs back into their heads. This is kind of a different direction from my other videos but I really wanted to test what I could do […]

Heavy Acoustic I – Acoustic Guitar Metal

iTunes: itunes.apple.com – Amazon: www.amazon.com – Original acoustic guitar song “Heavy Acoustic – Part I” – awesome heavy metal and hard rock played on acoustic guitar!

Eye of the Tiger ( Rocky Theme ) – Survivor – Igor Presnyakov – acoustic cover

igorpresnyakov.blogspot.com Eye of the Tiger . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov .

Godfather Theme Acoustic Guitar

UPDATE!! (22nd of September 2009) My cd is finally ready!! It has 18 songs (15 national anthems and three movie tunes). You can order your copy worldwide at www.recordshopx.com PLEASE SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO krautio (at) netti.fi IF YOU WANT THE TAB FOR THE SONG!! I have been playing this tune for a […]

Pirates of the Caribbean [Main Theme] on guitar

I HAVEN’T GOT TABS, I played it by ear, so I won’t answer to people who ask for tabs. sorry. 1 million views 03/04/2008. Mp3 download: www.myspace.com. My cover of this song -He’s a Pirate- on classical guitar. On this video i’m playing the lead guitar, but rhythm guitars and others (2nd, 3rd guitar..) are […]