Acoustic Guitar Lessons – How to Pluck

Our acoustic guitar lessons for today is all about plucking. Guitar music brings pleasure to those who play classical guitar. The sound that is produced when an acoustic guitar is plucked is definitely mind-numbing and will vibrate your ear canal for a considerable period of time. The structure of the instrument is responsible for the sound that soothes the mind and gives you the feeling of easiness. Plucking is an original guitar technique.

First, you need to work on guitar positioning. You can either use the classical position if you’re playing seriously or the casual position. I prefer to use the classical position because it’s more comfortable and easier to play with rather than using the casual position.

Every finger on our right hand has designated strings to pluck. Each finger needs to accurately pluck the assigned string. The thumb is assigned to the bass notes or bass strings or simply the E, A, and D keys. The index finger or pointer finger is assigned to G string, the middle finger is assigned to the B string, and lastly, the ring finger is assigned to the e string. The pinky is occasionally used to play high notes but it is up to you if you want to use it and if you feel like you need to.

Now that you need the assigned strings for each finger, all you need to do is practice it with an easy song that has a slow tempo. Practicing on plucking with a song that has slow tempo will help you improve on your plucking skills. Once you master the plucking technique, you’ll just realize that you are plucking the song without any trouble. However, if you skip this step and practiced on fast songs, I am definitely sure that you will have a lot of trouble and it will be very time consuming.

While practicing, also try to be accurate and clean in doing chords with your left hand so that the sound that will be produced will be relaxing and nice to hear. Also, when playing the bass notes, always try or let them ring so that the song that you’re playing will be nicer to hear. Otherwise it will sound dry and lacking.

When you think you are good enough and can pluck fast songs, you should go for it but expect that it will be harder to learn, so, an extra effort and patience is needed to learn properly.

by: A.J. Dean

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