Beginning fingerstyle guitar : Learn Freight train 1 + tablature

Freight train is a great song to getting started with playing fingerstyle guitar. This lesson features 4 versions of this song and with each version there will be some things added.

This is the first version (easy) and it starts from the really beginning. It features some fundemantal basics like alternate bass, independent fingers etc. and It is based on 4 easy chords in C. It’s split up in 8 parts and I’ve tried to explain it step by step and in a slowed down way.

Grade : Beginner Tablature can be found on : For the tabledit tablature of all versions just leave me an email. This song is written by Elizabeth Cotten. Hope you’ll enjoy!!

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If you’ve got questions or think some things can be better please leave a comment or send me an email at : [email protected] I provide these lessons and tabs for free and i don’t want any money for it.

But if you like these lessons and you are learning from it I would greatly apreciate a small donation for one of the organizations I support. You can find a list of tabs and mp3’s I have available together with a list of several organizations on my You tube page Thank you , Jeroen

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