Electric Guitar lesson

Learn Electric Guitar Lesson – How to Create Melodies and Riffs to Your Guitar Playing Learn Phrasing Phrasing is just like you are delivering a speech. You know when to pause or raising your voice and to soften it. In guitar playing it is just the same. It’s all about the feelings and emotions. How […]

How To Guitar Play – 7 Tips To Start Playing Guitar Fast

Have you always thought about how to play the guitar but keep putting it off because you just don’t have the time? Well that shouldn’t be an excuse! Playing the guitar is a great hobby that can enrich your life in ways you never knew possible. If you didn’t think it was so easy to […]

Learn Guitar Today, No Excuses!

Author: Phil Donahoe Most people think learning guitar is difficult. Well not true, learning guitar is always easier than most people think. Learning guitar is often like yoga for the fingers, as they learn to stretch and even grow a little differently. The key to learning guitar is practice. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of […]

How to Learn Guitar: Finding the Right Method for You

Author: Rajinderpal Singh Every newbie guitar player faces the following question: “What’s the absolute best way for me to learn guitar?” Should you should learn it yourself or hire a professional? Which guitar courses are recommended most often? What about those Internet based guitar training sites? These are all valid questions because how you learn […]

Learn To Play Rock Guitar

Author: Christopher Buckley Although the electric guitar has originated in blues music, it is rock that gave its popularity. With rock music, the electric guitar became a massively expressive instrument. All guitar lessons have to touch on rock as well, but if you want to learn to play rock guitar, there are special modules you […]

Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar

Author: Anthony Jansen First of all, if you had already bought an acoustic guitar, I would like to congratulate you on that! It really simply means that you are serious in wanting to learn how to play acoustic guitar. It’s almost like falling in love with a big passion and like just how I once […]