Beginning fingerstyle guitar : Learn Freight train 1 + tablature

Freight train is a great song to getting started with playing fingerstyle guitar. This lesson features 4 versions of this song and with each version there will be some things added. This is the first version (easy) and it starts from the really beginning. It features some fundemantal basics like alternate bass, independent fingers etc. […]

3 Chord Trick: Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners In this guitar lesson you will learn how with just 3 chords you can play quite a few easy acoustic guitar songs. Today we are learning 3 major classics: “Blowing in the Wind”, Brown Eyed Girl” & “I’m a Believer”. If you are struggling with the guitar basics and want free tutorials get our […]

Acoustic Guitar Basics – Six Things To Know

To be successful at a new task you need to get all the information that you can. Any successful business will research all the information it can about their intended business and then put together a business plan. A good business plan is the key to success. You can apply the same principles to learning […]

Free Electric Guitar Lessons – Learn The Basics

Free electric guitar lessons online with jamorama’s free 6 part course. This is a comprehensive guide from never picked up a guitar before to advanced guitar player. When you’re looking at the electric guitar lessons on the internet don’t worry about which one is the best, we have done the research for you. Well if […]