Easy Guitar Lesson – 3 Steps to Playing the Acoustic Guitar Better

Copyright (c) 2010 Ewen Chia The acoustic guitar is probably the most commonly picked up musical instrument by young people. It is simple and with a few easy guitar lessons, anyone can start playing a simple song. Nowadays, with so many online resources, it is even easier to pick up the guitar with a guitar […]

Beginner Learning Guitar – Important Tips To Get You Playing Better On Guitar

If you’re a beginner that’s ready to start learning the guitar, that’s completely awesome! Becoming a guitarist can add a new positive touch to your life and give you more confidence in the world of music.However, as a beginner learning guitar, you have be prepared to work a little every day, but it will be […]

How to Play Acoustic Guitar: Is There a Better Option?

First, you need to learn the differences between the classic and electric version. The most evident one is that the electric instrument needs to be connected to an amplifier. Without this device, the instrument is not going to sound loudly and clearly. However, if you choose to play acoustic guitar, this is going to sound […]

Jack Johnson – Better Together – Acoustic Guitar Lesson- how to play on guitar

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Jack Johnson – Better Together – Acoustic Guitar – Modified Cover by Joshua

Jack Johnson – Better Together – Acoustic Guitar – Modified Cover by Joshua So, I’ve realized my youtube fancy… basically I shoot a one take video, with no edits, and I pretend as if it’s a live show, sortof… It’s sortof unadulterated, whatever that means… So I just wanted to do a very popular Jack […]