Lead Guitar Lesson Learn How to Solo Blues Rock Licks Scales on Gibson Les Paul Standard

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Yoshi’s Story Acoustic Guitar Medley

MP3: www.mediafire.com Collection of all my N64 Medleys: www.mediafire.com I can imagine anyone who played this game is going to hate me for getting these insanely happy and catchy songs back into their heads. This is kind of a different direction from my other videos but I really wanted to test what I could do […]

Learn to play Country rhythm beginner guitar lesson on acoustic ala Hank Williams

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Learn Blues Guitar Lick of the Week Lesson on Acoustic Taylor GS5

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Riff Of the Week™: Recording Acoustic Guitar

GO TO DAVEWEINER.COM/ROTW TO FIND THE TAB AND AUDIO EXAMPLES FROM THIS ROTW.Every Wednesday I do a new Riff Of The Week. Here’s Season 3, Episode 1, “Recording Acoustic Guitar”. Don’t forget to view the tab and listen to the audio clips for this riff on the ROTW page of my site at: www.daveweiner.com/rotw, Also, […]