Alternate Picking For Acoustic Guitar

Alternate picking is a guitar playing technique that employs firmly alternating downward and upward picking strokes in a continuous run, and is the most frequent method of plectrum playing (Wikipedia). Sometimes, it is also called tremolo picking if this technique is performed on a single note at a high speed. This technique is well known […]

The Beatles’ “Yesterday,” instrumental acoustic guitar

Here’s my arrangement of “Yesterday” by the Beatles. You can download it here:

Crazy Acoustic Guitar Solo

Brian Cho – Webcam

Folk Blues in E – learn how to play fingerstyle Blues songs, acoustic guitar lesson & tab

TABLATURE HERE! Learn how to play on guitar this Folk Blues in E, niceacoustic fingerstyle blues. Lots of progressive lessons and blues songs with free tabs and videos on the web site. You find lots of free accurate guitar tabs on

Hotel California – Eagles, Easy Acoustic Guitar Arrangement, Lesson & Tab!

TABLATURE HERE! Play Hotel California by Eagles in acoustic fingerstyle guitar arrangement with the free tab on the site. You find lots of free accurate guitar tabs and songs on

Etta James – At Last (JussJef Acoustic Guitar Cover)

Here’s another throwback from waaaay back. My original rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” from her album “At Last!” on acoustic guitar. I ear-composed this song, so no tabs available (sorry). Visit my website at

Top 15 Acoustic Guitar Players

Here is my list of the top 15 acoustic guitar players 15. Petteri Sariola 14. Kotaro Oshio 13. Justin King 12. Erik Mongrain 11. Kaki King 10. Peppino D’Agostino 9. Antoine Dufour 8. Andy Mckee 7. Stephen Bennett 6. Steven King 5. Don Ross 4. Chet Atkins 3. Lenny Breau 2. Tommy Emmanuel 1. Michael […]

Megan’s Song – Original – Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle/Fingerpicking – Matthew McGhee

Free MP3 available at Please Share if you enjoyed the video! Here’s an original song I just finished. The amazing guitar players Andy Mckee and David Soltany were the inspiration on this one. The acoustic guitar I am playing is a Taylor 810Ce recording into an AKG mic with Presonus Bluetube Pre Amp. I […]

FPE-TV Acoustic Guitar Improve with Kevin Eubanks

Mr. Kevin Eubanks on his Martin Acoustic guitar

Learn When You Wish Upon a Star Arranged By Chet Atkins (Acoustic guitar)

Hey guys, Sorry the guitar is out of tune =-/ Let me know if you have any question, I’ll be glad to help ! Hope you enjoy, Matthieu