Lead Guitar Lesson Learn How to Solo Blues Rock Licks Scales on Gibson Les Paul Standard

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Gibson J-45 Standard Acoustic Guitar Demo – Sweetwater

More info: bit.ly Hear a demo of the Gibson J-45 Standard acoustic guitar and learn a bit about its history.

Paul Brett – Collecting Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Magazines Vintage Guitar expert, Paul Brett’s DVD sample on collecting vintage acoustic guitars.Paul is rated as one of the leading 12 string guitarists in the World and his ull DVD features 23 rare guitars, plus tips on collecting and sourcing these instruments. Full DVD features Stellas, Regals, Oahu, Weymann, Gibsons, Martin, Wurlitzer etc.etc. Paul […]

Making of Gibson’s Master Museum Acoustic Guitars

www.gibson.com Making of Gibson’s Master Museum Acoustic Guitars

Learn Blues Guitar Lick of the Week Lesson on Acoustic Taylor GS5

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