Learn to play guitar – Guitar Practice

Learn to play guitar – Disciplined Guitar Practice Many guitarists start out with the dream of becoming a great guitar player and it’s well within the reach or anyone willing to put in the work to learn their craft but the work is what stops many people.  Practice won’t always be exciting and will sometimes […]

Learn to Play Guitar – Develop Your Own Guitar Style

Learn to play guitar – Developing Your Own guitar playing style Learning to play guitar is fun and rewarding and all of the hard work pays off when you can confidently rip thorough other people’s songs as if you wrote them yourself, but how do you go about developing your own sound?  It seems like […]

Learn Acoustic Guitar Video

Take a look at this Video on Learn Acoustic Guitar

Hints for Buying a Second Hand Guitar

Hints for Buying a Second Hand Guitar Often cheaper than a new guitar and just as ready to rock out, a secondhand guitar could be the perfect addition to your collection or the perfect thing to start you off, but how do you know that your potential purchase isn’t a potential dud? The truth is […]

Which Guitar to Learn On?

Which Guitar to learn on? There are three main types of guitar that you will encounter. They are: Classical Acoustic Acoustic Electric Chances are that if you have asked someone if you can use their guitar for a while, it would probably be an old classical acoustic guitar or maybe a steel string acoustic. These […]

Play Learn Guitar

Play Learn Guitar Author: Mark Andrews To play, learn guitar is perhaps one of the most rewarding hobbies, pasttimes that you could take up. Playing guitar, learn to play guitar well and not only could it give you years of great pleasure but could even with enough practice, send you on your way into a […]