Beginning fingerstyle guitar : Learn Freight train 1 + tablature

Freight train is a great song to getting started with playing fingerstyle guitar. This lesson features 4 versions of this song and with each version there will be some things added. This is the first version (easy) and it starts from the really beginning. It features some fundemantal basics like alternate bass, independent fingers etc. […]

Know Learn how to read ABC Alphabet – Nice Video song

Alphabet – watch this video again and again, your kids will familiar with ABCD within a week.

Guitar lesson: Learn To Play Popular Melody On Your Guitar

There are many ways to notate music on the guitar. You can use sheet music easy to understand when you have learned to read sheet music. To learn to read sheet music on the guitar is however not so easy for many students. What different ways are there to notate guitar melodies? 1. You can […]