Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

There are number of good acoustic guitar brands in the market. But among the good ones, there are those that are excellent and can be considered to be the best. Below is the list of the best brands out there. Yamaha Yamaha is a Corporation in Japan that has grown to become the world’s largest […]

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner Chords Tips

Great Beginner dvd’s at here are some great tips for the beginners out there!!

Different Ways to Record the Acoustic Guitar with 1 Mic

(Stereo) This free seminar will show you how to record the acoustic guitar in mono, using 2 different microphones in 2 different positions. It also shows you how to make a stereo signal from a mono recording. Go to our website. Subscribe to our blog http

“Learn Guitar 3 Chords” Guitar Instructions – Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar Learn to play acoustic guitar with our beginner lessons. Learn the tips and tricks that will make you a guitar wonder. Go to my site to download the PDF of this class and learn guitar chords.

Beginner Learning Guitar – Important Tips To Get You Playing Better On Guitar

If you’re a beginner that’s ready to start learning the guitar, that’s completely awesome! Becoming a guitarist can add a new positive touch to your life and give you more confidence in the world of music.However, as a beginner learning guitar, you have be prepared to work a little every day, but it will be […]

4 Beginner Guitar Tips For Those Wanting To Learn Guitar

So you’ve decided you want to learn to play the guitar – good choice! The guitar is a very popular instrument with musicians all over the world, and for good reason; it is very expressive and versatile, and is used in many different styles of music. However, to get started on the right footing, there […]

How To Guitar Play – 7 Tips To Start Playing Guitar Fast

Have you always thought about how to play the guitar but keep putting it off because you just don’t have the time? Well that shouldn’t be an excuse! Playing the guitar is a great hobby that can enrich your life in ways you never knew possible. If you didn’t think it was so easy to […]

Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Which Beginner Guitar to Buy

When it comes to learning how to play the guitar, having the right instrument for your beginner acoustic guitar lessons is extremely important. There are many different types of guitars out there, but some are better than others for beginners. If you do not know what kind of guitar would be best to start with, […]

Guitar for Beginners. 5 Tips to Think About

Starting the guitar is sometimes not as simple as many may have thought, though it is one of the easiest and versatile instruments to choose. Perhaps you have made many attempts in the past to master the guitar only to give up in frustration. Like anything else, learning the guitar takes patience and commitment, but […]

3 Chord Trick: Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners In this guitar lesson you will learn how with just 3 chords you can play quite a few easy acoustic guitar songs. Today we are learning 3 major classics: “Blowing in the Wind”, Brown Eyed Girl” & “I’m a Believer”. If you are struggling with the guitar basics and want free tutorials get our […]